You Can Now Pay For Your Goods On AliExpress Using M-PESA

NSSF to Collect Tenant Purchase Scheme Installments, Service Charge Through M-PESA

Did you know that every minute, there are over 25,000 transactions happening on M-PESA? This translates to over 25 million per day. This is just but a fraction of how much mobile money has transformed  lives and brought about continuing innovation each day. Last year in November, Safaricom announced the M-PESA global service that enables its 21 million M-Pesa customers to seamlessly send and receive money around the world, reflecting its acquisition of the capability to comply with stringent international money transfer rules.

You Can Now Pay For Your Goods On AliExpress Using M-PESAToday, as M-PESA recently marked 12 years of the mobile money service, Safaricom has announced their partnership with Ant Financial services allowing Kenyans shopping  on Ali Express pay for their purchases using M-Pesa

This brings much needed convenience in terms of payment options. We all know how stressful and anxiety filling it is to

1. Transact using a credit card: You’re not as protected against fraud when you use a debit card, and disputes with those cards can be difficult to resolve. With M-PESA, regardless of the situation, it’s going to be very simple to solve any problems you might have with payment.

2. Be secure once you fill in details: It is VERY easy for your credit/debit card information to be stolen and used by hackers or basically anyone willing enough to want to steal that information. With the move to M-PESA, all you need is your PIN and as long as you don’t give that information out, your money and info is safe and secure.

Once you select M-Pesa, key in your mobile number, you will then receive prompt on your phone to key in your PIN in order to complete your transaction.



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