Stop Setting Easy Goals

Stop Setting Easy Goals

For there to be progress and growth there must be plans and goals to be set and achieved. This is because as humans beings, goals drive much of why we do what we do. Most people will agree that any goal is better than no goal but it is always good to set big goals even if you don’t think you will hit them. There are many reasons why you should stop setting easy goals but these are the major ones.

Stop Setting Easy Goals

  1. You achieve less

When you set a goal that you could easily achieve, the result is probably nothing more than what you expected. But what if the goal is bigger? More likely than not, you will be surprised at what you are capable of achieving. In business, big goals drive teams to achieve what may seem impossible. Given the right team big goals motivate everyone to even work harder.

2. You minimize your potential

Setting easy goals does not challenge one to be better and lessens the chances of being better and even learning the do’s and don’ts of what you are doing. Bigger goals means that the future is better and that the teams are working towards a certain goal which is an added advantage as it gives them a sense of focus.

Stop Setting Easy Goals

3. Less Input

Given the right team with the right working environment, big goals motivate everyone to work harder. By settings easy goals more likely than not is one be likely to work harder and stretch themselves to bring forth great results Less input means there is no room for ‘work harder’. When there is less strain there is less growth a good example is when you are working out in the gym. In order for one to get better at what they do they need all sorts of exposure to risk and how they manage that is what we call experience. When the work input is less, the result is also minimal hence zero growth.

Most mentors will encourage one to set the bar higher than they think they can. This is easy to monitor as you are able to tell how far you’ve gotten. When the opposite of this is done like highlighted earlier there is minimal growth.

So, try challenging yourself more and don’t forget to appreciate failure 🙂


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