An Unexpected Jazz Love Affair #SafaricomJazzAt5


Do you still feel the music? Do you still feel your heart pulpate with the sweet sounds of the saxophone that almost lull you to paradise? Do you still remember how your soul felt free like the rain that pounded with every musician getting on stage?

I do.

Inside, I’m still a ball of energy dancing to the songs played last Tuesday at the International Jazz Day Celebrations with Safaricom, and deep down, I love it.

Watch me dance my cares away! Image Courtesy of Gallery Khately

I love how Mambo Tribe would make me dance without a care, I loved how Edward Parseen and the Different Faces Band ignited a spark that hasn’t been able to die down, I love how Shamsi Music always take me to church with ‘Murata’ but most of all, I love how so many people fall in love with jazz after every festival.

Our resident DJ – DJ D-Lite!! Image Courtesy of Gallery Khately

Be it a new romance or a rekindled one, Safaricom Jazz has always had this thing; this one or two or a thousand things which I can’t put my finger on, but people always leave the venue in love – with Jazz

New experiences

Safaricom International Jazz Festival continues to uphold its calibre of delivering unforgettable musical experiences both to old and new lovers and this edition was no different.


I’m really humbled to witness how many people are now inculcated into the jazz world just because of Safaricom Jazz. Be it those who are hearing it for the first time or those soaking up the new sounds that we are blessed enough to hear everyday; one thing I always take home is how guys get excited after hearing their own playing on such a stage.

During the International Jazz Day Celebrations, we saw a myriad of collaborations happening, including Nairobi Horns with Africa Plus Music from South Africa and the climax of the performance when Manu Dibango brought all the Kenyan acts on stage for one amazing, if not teary, show!

This guy Mackinlay!!

You could see the joy on their faces playing next to such a legend and of course you could feel the love emanating all the way from the back of the dome from the crowd!!

This party doesn’t have ANY age restrictions!!!

What inspires me the most as a jazz lover and a creative in this country is how much more and more people are falling in love with our own. Our own talents, our different styles of doing music, the way our own acts deliver these different styles of doing music on yummy palettes and how at the end of the day, we’re proud of how far our Kenyan acts have come – thanks to Safaricom Jazz Festival!


My personal favourite highlight will be the climax of the performance when Manu Dibango brought all the Kenyan acts on stage for one of the greatest collabos you’ll ever see on a Safaricom Jazz Party!


Look at our stars shine!

If anyone ever told you that music cannot restore your faith, renew your strength or make you fall deliriously in love, then I dare them to try out Safaricom International Jazz Festival!! ❤❤❤

(All images courtesy of the amazing Michael Khately of Gallery Khately 😎)


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