Total Launches New Lubricant for BodaBodas in Kenya


In Kenya, it’s almost impossible for you not to run into bodabodas (almost literally) no matter where you are. According to the Motorcycle Assemblers Association of Kenya (MAAK), there are 4.8 million motorcycles, majority of whom are boda- boda operators.

Did you know that there are about 600,000 commercial motorcycles on Kenyan roads, with each making, on average, Kshs 1,000 a day? This translates to Kshs 600 million a day and Kshs 219 billion annually.

These bodabodas need their special maintenance, which is why Total Kenya is launching the new Hi-Perf lubricant.


The new lubricant is developed to safeguard the life of the motorcycle engine, gearbox, clutch and bring optimum performance. Due to the requirement for gearbox protection, the new oil contain phosphorous anti-wear additive to help minimize wear due to metal-to-metal contact.

“We are delighted to launch Hi-Perf lubricant into the market. This will supplement the existing Total Kenya lubricants as we strive to bring innovative solutions that cater for all your engine oil needs,” said Total Kenya Lubricant Sales Manager Oliver Biyogo.

Speaking in Kakamega Countyhe said the bodaboda market is a key driver of lubricant consumption in the country. Majority of the boda bodas consume 12 litres of lubricant per annum per unit on average. Total enjoys a commanding market share for lubricants.

The new lubricant targets bodaboda merchants, mechanics, dealers and riders across the country under the campaign slogan “Toka Teke Teke.”

In addition, Total has also invested in projects to support bodabodas through “Safe Way Right Way” in conjunction with other corporate and government agencies whose main objective is to ensure safety and behavioral changes.

Total modern lubricants blending plant in Mombasa serves the Kenyan market and the entire Eastern Africa region. Total’s Test Diagnostics Lubricants Laboratory in Nairobi offers oil analysis services to the bulk customers for quality assurance.


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