Safaricom’s New No-Expiry PostPay Plans; Here’s What You Should Know

    Safaricom's New No-Expiry PostPay Plans; Here's What You Should Know

    In March, Safaricom unveiled revamped PostPay plans that offer customers bundled voice, data and SMS with no-expiry. This was in line with the revamped Prepay No expiry bundles launched during their 19 year anniversary

    Recently, the Telco also expired their Platinum Plans in favour of the All in One Bundle as of 30th August 2020

    So what do we know about the new plans?

    Safaricom's New No-Expiry PostPay Plans; Here's What You Should Know

    First of all, you can sign up in either 2 ways:

    • Either dial *544# or
    • Use the mySafaricom app

    The Bundles

    Below are the new no expiry bundles for the revamped PostPay plan. For Platinum PrePay customers on auto-renew, they will also be migrated
    automatically to All-in-One auto-renew plans.

    Safaricom's New No-Expiry PostPay Plans; Here's What You Should Know

    For our customers who purchase the Platinum product one off, they can select, the All-In-One plans, on MySafaricomApp or by dialling *544# and selecting option 3 “Normal Data
    Bundle WITH EXPIRY” then option 1 “All in One Bundle.”

    All customers have the opportunity to select any other Safaricom service according to their needs.

    Credit Limit

    With the new bundles, you can set the limit of the amount of money you want to spend per month. They give you very simple ways of increasing and reducing your limit and in this time of Rona, people are only going for what they can afford.


    To prorate basically means to be divided, distributed, or assessed proportionately (as to reflect an amount of time that is less than the full amount included in an initial arrangement).

    In the case of the new bundles, think of it like moving in to a house mid-month. You only get charged for the days you stayed there (in most cases)


    You receive a bill on your email (which you provide while signing up) at the beginning of every month detailing your spending and how to pay, which is via M-PESA.

    What happens when you exhaust your bundle in the middle of the month?
    • You will be charged an out of bundle rate of Kshs. 2.30 for calls and Kshs. 1.30 for
    data. This is only applicable once the bundles run out, you can also purchase other
    bundles with expiry or non-expiry on *544#.
    • If you have already hit your credit limit, you will have to make a payment via
    MPESA to your account and then proceed to buy a different bundle of your
    choice. You can also use out of bundle at your preferred PostPay rate

    Seeing as it is still a fairly new product, there are still some kinks in how people understand the product. However, if you do encounter any issues, you can always contact Safaricom here, and you can also go through their FAQs here.



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