Paradigm Shift For Greater Value

Paradigm Shift For Greater Value

At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Mr. Peng Zhongyang, Board Member, President of Enterprise BG, Huawei, delivered a keynote speech on the theme of ‘Paradigm Shift for Greater
Value”. Peng stated that the shift to a new paradigm of industrial digital
transformation is urgently needed for the development of our future intelligent
society. To drive industrial digitalization and construct the new paradigm, we
need to focus on clients’ demands and dreams, realize the new paradigm by
scenario-based innovation, and through the synergy across five tech domains
to establish a digital ecosystem for mutual benefits with joint creation while
creating new value for industries.

Paradigm Shift For Greater Value

Cutting-edge technology, industry know-how, and practices

2020 is an extraordinary year, witnessing explosive growth in technologies
together with reforms in different industries. The tremendous potential of
digital transformation is to be unleashed on the basis of synergy across five
tech domains, in which connectivity, cloud computing, AI and applications
develop surrounding 5G in ways never seen before.

By turning coal mines into digital structures for more than 10 scenarios,
Huawei has achieved digital twining, making whole mining business digital
and smart.

For the Malanshan Video Cultural Creative Industrial Park, Huawei has
collaborated with clients and partners to establish the cloud platform for
filming process, streamline the entire video production ranging from shooting,
editing streaming, to storage and backhaul, shortening the cycle by 30% and
reducing cost by 20%.

Peng concluded, “There are three decisive factors while digitalizing scenarios.
The first one is the cutting-edge technology, allowing integration of ICT with
core scenarios. The second one is industry know-how, where we should seek
industrial insights in depth and understand the industrial knowledge. Finally, it
is all about execution. That is to put all these into practice, turning theories
into reality with continuous exploration and innovation.”

A new paradigm of digital transformation

A digital ecosystem with which Huawei creates and shares value is crucial for
the construction of the prosperous digital future.

In the digitalized era, the essence of business is to “make the cake bigger”
and achieve win-win results rather than compete in the zero-sum game. To
this end, Huawei proposes to build a “digital ecosystem cube” from three
dimensions. The first dimension is to target at the future of digitalization, gain
insights of the unsatisfied demands from numerous segmented scenarios in
various industries, which is the premise of “the bigger cake”.

The second dimension is to aggregate different capabilities of various partners and fully
play to their strengths, which is the basis of “baking a bigger cake”. The third
is to develop multiple approaches for collaboration and business models, and
make conscious effort to create and share value together. This is the
permanent force that continually drives the expansion of market size.

Taking Shenzhen Airport as an example. By working with industry-leading
solution partners and based on the synergy across five tech domains that
integrates end devices, data management and industry application, Huawei
has developed diverse and segmented scenario-based solutions, such as
flight scheduling, stand allocation and ground support. In 2019, it helped
reduce the number of passengers who took shuttle bus by some 2.6 million, boosting the efficiency of security check by 60%. It has led to a safer airport
with better efficiency and superior experience tailor-made for travelers.

Now, Huawei has built on the 100 scenario-based solutions, creating more
industrial value associated with partners.

“You can’t find a new land with an old map,” Peng said, calling on clients to
embrace changes, and craft a new paradigm of industrial digital
transformation for a greater future.

At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, the global leading ICT company also invited
clients with great achievements in digital transformation to share their

In appreciating global partners for their efforts in driving business growth and
shared success over the past years, Huawei has presented them with
outstanding partner awards of 2020. These recognitions include the Excellent
Global Channel Partner, Excellent Global Strategic Partner, Excellent Global
Distributor, Excellent Global Industry Solution Partner, Excellent Global Talent
Ecosystem Partner, and Excellent HUAWEI CLOUD Channel Partner.

Meanwhile, Huawei has announced its declaration of industry ecosystem, that
is to innovate and grow together for success together in the future.



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