OPPO Lowless Zoom Technology; Key Takeaways From #MWC2019

OPPO Lowless Zoom Technology; Key Takeaways From #MWC2019

The MWC (Mobile World Congress) is one of the biggest mobile tradeshows known so far. It brings together manufacturers, techies, corporates and above all tech enthusiasts who watch the ideas, innovations and products that change the world.

One of the confirmed releases is OPPO’s new 10x lossless zoom feature for its next flagship camera smartphone which will interestingly be released in Kenya in the course of the year. It also confirmed plans to release its first 5G camera-centric smartphone brand for enhanced photography.

OPPO Lowless Zoom Technology; Key Takeaways From #MWC2019The 10x lossless zoom is a new technology created with industry-leading camera specifications including a triple-lens camera structure consisting of a telephoto lens, ultra-wide-angle lens, and main camera.

The phone will feature an ultra-wide camera, a 48-megapixel high-res camera, one for capturing everyday images, while a second 16mm, 120-degree wide-angle lens is designed to take in more of whatever you’re trying to capture

OPPO Lowless Zoom Technology; Key Takeaways From #MWC2019A bigger sensor coupled with improved optical image stabilisation ensures photos remain clear no matter how much you zoom in.

The last is a telephoto lens with a focal length of 160mm, which has been carefully set up in a ‘periscope’ manner. A prism reflects light at 90 degrees onto the sensor, while also stabilizing the image the more you zoom in. According to Oppo, this new setup has improved image precision by up to 73%.

OPPO Lowless Zoom Technology; Key Takeaways From #MWC2019Zooming in at an object also transforms minor shakes into bigger disruptions and affects image quality. However, OPPO has reportedly taken care of the problem by equipping the primary and telephoto cameras with OIS, Optical Image Stabilization on both the main camera and the telephoto lens to achieve higher, anti-shake accuracy that brings people closer to the world around them so that they never miss the unmissable.


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