MySafaricom App Gets 3 New Updates

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As an M-PESA user, the news about the new updates on the mySafaricom app should have you excited, here’s why:

Before the updates, while using the mySafaricom app to send money, use the Lipa na M-PESA to make payments, or buy airtime; the app would normally redirect you back to the SIM toolkit, which was a very long process, not to mention that the app would sometimes leave you hanging lol.

After the update, the mySafaricom app now supports in-app M-PESA PIN authentication which means you won’t have to leave the app in order to provide your PIN when making an M-PESA transaction, instead, everything happens from within the app.

Another change to the app is you can now see how much it would cost you to send money including withdrawal charges. Before, you’d go back to the Cost Calculator to do that manually. This new update lets you see all this while still inputting the amount of money you want to send.

MySafaricom App Gets 3 New UpdatesYet another change is the Phonebook Autofill – what this means is the moment the user starts inputting the recipient’s number, the autofill and search is triggered. This decreases your chances of sending your hard earned money to the wrong number especially if the number is already in your address book.

Also, according to a customer on Twitter, you can use the app even without having the Safaricom SIM card in your phone.

Due to iOS Appstore policies, the new build will only be available in the next seven days.


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