Microsoft in Partnership With Strathmore To Drive Digital Transformation In The Institution In A Move Set To Further The Advancement of Policies in the Country

With countries continually making the much anticipated shift towards digital transformation, institutions haven’t been left behind. In a move that’s set to further the advancement of policies in the region, Tech giant Microsoft and Strathmore Law School (SLS) have signed a partnership that will see the construction of the Microsoft Auditorium in its Sir Thomas Moore Building and separately founded the high-tech Microsoft Policy Innovation Centre at the university.

The agreement also involves the digitisation of Strathmore’s Law School, which will make it possible for students to draw upon and convene the talents of academia, industry and policy experts; provide a forum to foster dialogue around policy issues among the chance to record and transcribe proceedings.

Christopher Akiwumi, Director for Government and Regulatory Affairs for Microsoft Middle East and Africa said that the move comes at the right time. “With the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us – new advancements in technology are changing the way we live our lives and how we interact. The benefits are endless, having the potential to transform businesses and make way for innovations for consumers and create economic opportunities. Challenges and issues that emerge can be effectively addressed by providing a space through the Policy Innovation Center, that enables collaboration and discussion.”

Dr Luis Franceschi, Dean of the Strathmore Law School commented and said: “Strathmore is here to push policy making partnerships between public and private firms. This centre is a frontier for social change and justice and this partnership with Microsoft, gives the country the chance to help leapfrog in the drafting of policies that will transform the region.”

Microsoft has provided all equipment and work on the design for the auditorium facility, aimed at providing an immersive experience to students, participants and visitors. Microsoft will also provide software, solutions and training for the implementation of the project. The Policy and Innovation Center (PIC) will be equipped with Office 365, providing users with productivity tools to enhance their day-to-day experience.

Microsoft and Strathmore will also work together on programmes that address ICT-related themes that include legal and compliance, cloud, mobile and cyber security across modern government, efficient, judiciary, national security and transformative education.



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