Launch of Afro Urembo App, The First Ever Beauty Booking Mobile App


It’s a Saturday and this time you have finally decided that you will make your hair. This is after the countless times you have seen people on Instagram posting their latest hair styles as well as your co-workers complaining that you look homeless and honestly you are also tired of having your natural hair open seeing the rain.

So on this Saturday you head to town to get your braids and then do faux locks (for one reason this style is trending) and as you’re leaving the store you meet hairdressers in waiting. Mind you, you cannot call any hairdressers because you know none (flow with me). You get attracted to one hairdresser because she looks like the most innocent one – plus her eyebrows look pretty decent. You plead with her to be gentle with your receding hairline, you threaten her that you will rub off her eyebrows should your hair pain. In fact you promise her part of your inheritance should you come out unscathed and she promises that you will sleep like a baby.

And that is where the problem is because as you already know babies sleep nothing close to peaceful. Babies toss, babies cry, babies fuss over the smallest issues and that is exactly how your head feels that night and this brings me to this.


On 20th April, the AfroUrembo App was launched. This app desires to improve customer experience in the beauty industry and seeks to connect owners of beauty shops with their customers in real time thus saving you the hustle of having to call long distance relatives for referrals of a good beautician.

Speaking during the launch, Irene Kieru who is the brain behind this revolutionary product noted that she was moved by the plight of majority of customers who for a very long time have been frustrated when seeking services of beauticians. These include cases where the owners don’t keep time on an appointed time or going to your favourite place and you find that the person who was to work with you is not available.

“The beauty industry is undergoing a revolutions and as stakeholders, we have to be at the front line in supporting innovations that will in the long run give customers value for their money. For a very long I have had the desire to bring to the market a remedy to all these hiccups”, Ms Kieru said.

AfroUrembo is the first beauty booking mobile application that connects paying clients both male and female with thousands of beauty care and grooming professionals in the city of Nairobi. Beauty professionals can showcase their talents, connect with new and existing clients and build their business. Also, clients can discover new services and providers, book appointments, and get inspired all easily from their phones.


The launch of the Afro Urembo comes at a time when the beauty industry continues to attract the attention of many investors who want to take a pie of the lucrative sector.
AfroUrembo is sure to solve a lot of problems and revolutionize the beauty industry in Nairobi.

Make sure to download Afro Urembo and try it out for yourself. The application is available via Google Play and iOS so it can be accessed regardless of your platform.

And no, you do not have an excuse as to why you cannot download the app because it is only 9MBS and it will be of service to you. Don’t you think it was fate that we were given braids after the launch because at least now there is an App that will help in finding a suitable hairdresser? I mean, this is like the Uber of hair and you should definitely have it!


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