K1 At 21

K1 At 21

The Nairobi nightlife is almost unmentionable without K1 in the picture.

For some, the memories go back to when they used to cost share a cab with like 10 people to get there, then there’s the cost sharing of drinks then there’s the infamous Reggae that still bangs to this day.

K1 At 21For others, K1 is where long-life friendships were made after you comforted each other in the washrooms or just held their hand because they really looked like life had beaten them up.

K1 was a rite of passage.

Last Sunday, K1 celebrated 21 years of making memories, instilling friendships and giving us nothing but good times even when the bad times kept knocking us down.

K1 At 21With Kenya’s ‘001’ beer, Tusker, to help celebrate, hundreds joined to continue offering us the best of times with amazing offers on Tusker Na Nyama with Tusker lager and nyamachoma being sold at incredibly amazing prices and with other delicacies from the K1 kitchen and the food vendors from the Sunday Flea market.

K1 At 21For performances, the one and only DJ Adrian took us way way back with throwdown mixes as Eric Wainaina, DJ Hypnotiq, Nameless and the Untamed band had us dancing and singing along till the end of the night.

K1 At 21
DJ Adrian

K1 At 21

K1 At 21K1 At 21


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