Investing In My Yellow Gold #BankForInterestingPeople

    Investing In My Yellow Gold #BankForInterestingPeople

    I made my first thousand bob selling mangoes (yes, the Kamba in me is shouting from the roof tops right about now). My dad owns this huge piece of land with mango trees stretching as far as the eye can see, now try and imagine that juciy succulent smell that would emanate from the hundreds of crates in the December mango season.

    Investing In My Yellow Gold #BankForInterestingPeopleBack then, we’d stuff the back of his pickup with the mangoes (after we’ve picked some for the family), drive out to River Road and sell them for as little as 1 Bob. Yep. We had all kinds of varieties. Some so tiny you [think] you can pop in your mouth and swallow to those big red juicy apple mangoes that drip goodness to your soul.

    Aside from the sweet succulent nature of this job, I learnt quite a bit about money and this triggered my dad to open a bank account for me, thus began my interesting journey into the world of knowing what to do with the money I had earned from my yellow gold.

    As I grew up, money became a problem, not that it disappeared but I hadn’t fully grasped how to manage it. I invested across our mango business, cut out whatever didn’t work, but when it came to saving, I was as clueless as they come. Knowing what makes you money is fantastic, but knowing what will make you lose that money is even more priceless, and that’s what I sought out to find out.

    This journey became easier when I found a bank that understood my needs. Being young and naive in this big city can be confusing, especially when some people try to undercut you and take advantage of your hard work, which is why I required a bank that was in my corner; one that understood that I couldn’t always be around the city to deposit my money or check on my finances since I traveled a lot while selling my mangoes. I wanted a bank that could give me loans without me jumping through 1000 hoops, a bank that didn’t require me to go to the branch with my father to carry out certain transactions. This is what Commercial Bank of Africa gave me.

    Just last week as me and my dad started preparing for the incoming December mango season, we needed some cash to fix our pickup. Getting a loan from the CBA Loop account only took minutes and what’s impressive wasn’t the speed but the security that came with it. We all like things done in a flash but honestly sometimes speed doesn’t mean safety.

    Investing In My Yellow Gold #BankForInterestingPeopleOnce you apply for the loan on the Loop account, you’re sent an email that has a reference number you have to input before they can grant you the loan. It may look like a needless process to some but what would happen if someone got a hold of your phone and applied for an account you didn’t want? I also loved the fact that I can choose my repayment plan. Unlike other apps, you’re given a strict time frame for when you should repay the loan, but you can choose anywhere between 1 month to a year with the Loop account according to your flexibility in paying back the loan.

    Above all this, I get a bank that cares and understands my financial needs, which is all I want as I continue navigating this freelance business of mine. Now, I can focus on getting my produce to the city and making a fortune next month as we gear up for yellow gold season!

    Money grows money when you’re with the #BankForInterestingPeople 😏



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