How To Simplify Your Career/Work Life: Things You Don’t Need To Do

How To Simplify Your Career/Work Life: Things You Don't Need To Do

At some point in your career or in the time you’ve run your own business or even as a freelancer, you’ve gotten overwhelmed by work and the enthusiasm you had for what you do got lost along the way. It becomes even harder when you remember we’re in the age of social media where everyone flaunts how amazing work is, how they’re too blessed to be stressed and somehow they’re doing impeccably better than you, even when they really aren’t.

Things continue getting harder and you somehow reach rock bottom and that’s totally okay because this is when you realize that some of the things that led you here are by your own hand, so what are some of the things you can do to simplify your work life/career?

How To Simplify Your Career/Work Life: Things You Don't Need To DoYou don’t need to be busy

I’m guessing you’re wondering how this works since we absolutely ADORE being busy. But being busy doesn’t necessarily equate to being productive

Remembering all your priorities means that there is a sense of productivity and focus & not doing everything at a go and just doing what is required to the maximum, will definitely help you simplify your career.

You don’t need to do what everyone is doing

There’s this fascination going round that you have to do EXACTLY what some celebrities/entrepreneurs/CEOs do for you to become like them and while some of their habits might positively rub off on you, not everything they do will also benefit you, trust me.

It is good to wake up before the crack of dawn, for some and starting a side hustle might also be beneficial, but not everything will work for you

How To Simplify Your Career/Work Life: Things You Don't Need To DoSometimes simple goes a long, long way

when it comes to organization and making stuff go your way, simple is sometimes the best way to go. Take technology for example, right now, we have an app for almost everything! We have apps that sort out our daily schedules, prioritize projects, save our passwords, organize what and when to eat and trying to keep up with all this can sometimes get chaotic.

Sticky notes, pen and paper and a good old fashioned chalkboard can help way better than apps and having to carry two phones, an iPad and your Macbook. 🙂

You need to learn to let go

Cherish the things that are important and learn to discard those that have out lived their purpose. This starts by acknowledging their contribution and letting go for new and fresh start of your new chapter. This helps you as you get to learn from past mistakes and correct all the errors in your new chapter.

You need to be happy and stop worrying

Most of the times we worry a lot about unnecessary things that do not add to our career growth. The worry tends to destruct our confidence in what we do and hence interferes with our daily productivity.We need to always remember that our happiness comes before anything else.


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