How To Increase Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Android phones have the unfortunate reputation of an unreliable battery life, especially when the phone gets older. It is no wonder tricks have been devised to remedy this.
Here are some proven tactics that can help increase and extend your android phone’s battery life:
1. First and foremost use the power saving mode if you have it. This feature limits the phone to texting, phone calls, web browsing and Facebook. It can add extra hours of standby time out of the remaining percentage points of the battery.
2. Dump unnecessary screen widgets and live wallpaper. Just because they seem inactive doesn’t mean they are not consuming power. Do not dump everything just remove the ones that you do not need.
3.Turn off the brightness and turn off automatic brightness. As obvious as it may sound, this alone improves battery life.
4.Turn unnecessary hardware radios off. Features like Bluetooth, WI-FI, GPS, don’t need to be active the whole day, only when required. They drain the percentage of the battery fast reducing the phone’s battery life.

5. See what’s sucking the most juice. Navigate to settings then battery to see a breakdown of what consumes your phone’s battery. If you see an app or feature you don’t use, uninstall the app or turn off the feature to ensure the minimum usage of your battery’s power.

6.Turn off the vibration unless it is necessary. It takes more power to vibrate your phone than it does to ring it. Also, turn the haptic feedback off, it is another battery drainer. It really doesn’t add anything new to your experience.
7. When charging your phone, ensure you remove it when it’s fully charged. Overcharging your phone reduces your battery’s performance in the long run. 97% is the said to be the optimum.
In conclusion, practicing these few tips will noticeably increase your phone’s battery life.


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