How To Apply For The New Digital Driving License

How to Apply for the New Digital Driving License

The new digital driving license card has already been rolled out by the government and thousands of motorists have already been issued with the new smart card licenses. Launched five months ago by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), the new digital driving license is designed like an ATM card, with a microchip loaded with 20 deductable points.

These points are deducted and replenished according to the driver’s driving habits and offences, for example, a minor offence such as overtaking illegally will have one point deducted while drunk driving will lead to 10 points being deducted. One point lost can be regained within a week if the driver does not commit any other road traffic offence.

How to Apply for the New Digital Driving LicenseThe card also conveniently contains the driver’s blood group, National ID number, and his/her KRA PIN number. In addition to making it easier to monitor and regulate rogue drivers, the driving license smart cards designed like an ATM will assist insurance companies to determine premium rates for high risk and low risk drivers.

To Apply for the New Digital Driving License, One Should First

  1. Visit NTSA’s website and Login/Open a TIMS account (Transport Information Management System). Alter Once signed in the TIMS account here fill in all the necessary details, and then you can visit any NTSA office countrywide.
  2. When visiting the NTSA office, you should ensure you have the following requirements:
  • Copy of your old driving license
  • A photocopy of your National Identity card
  • A Kenya Revenue Authority PIN
  • Blood Group (Card)
  • Registration fee of Ksh 3,110 (in mobile money form such as MPESA or Airtel Money)
  • Once there, a passport photo for the new license is taken and driver’s profile details recorded.
  1. After the application is successfully made, the next step is to pay Ksh 3,110 via mobile money payment to NTSA’s pay bill number 206 206 and wait for your new card to be issued within 5 working days.

How to Apply for the New Digital Driving LicenseNTSA’s director general, Francis Meja, has reassured Kenyans that contrary to previous information, no priorities or preferences is given to PSV drivers in issuance of the cards. Anyone with the necessary valid documents and registration fee can apply and be issued with the digital license card.



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