Heineken Lagos Fashion And Design Week Set To Hold On 25th – 28th October 2017

The Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2017 (Heineken LFDW2017) is set to hold on the 25th through 28th October 2017.

This year edition themed ‘Africa: Shaping Fashion’s Future’ will feature the Fashion Business Series, Fashion Installation, the Runway shows and the #HeinekenLFDW After Party.

The foremost annual fashion show returning for the 7th edition stays connecting with over 20 million Pan-African fashion insiders, including designers, buyers, retailers, local and international press.

Kenyan Collective Lagos Fashion And Design Week 2017“Heineken LFDW remains committed to catalysing the African Fashion industry ecosystem and to providing greater avenues for commercial success for designers based on the continent, through skills acquisition, apparel manufacturing and access to market which we have worked hard to achieve throughout the year via the Style House Files, Nigerian Export Promotion Council led “Human Capital Development Initiative, our inaugural Autumn/Winter Presentation and Trade shows – which rolls out in a few weeks” the Executive Director and Founder of Lagos Fashion and Design Week, Omoyemi shared.

“The clamour for the industry to thrive and compete on the global stage reverberates across the continent. It should serve as a clarion call for the entire continent because the future is ensuring that the African fashion and apparel sector rises up to be a key driver of economic growth on the continent, opening doors for ancillary sectors such as agriculture, textile production, manufacturing, retail distribution and more to thrive.”

Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week has remained a key platform in the Nigerian fashion industry and the African Fashion industry as a whole. Through this partnership, Heineken has opened up the world of fashion to young adults in Nigeria and indeed across Africa.

“People can now discover more about the industry. This ties with our new campaign “There’s more behind the star which encourages us to look beyond the surface to find what really lies beneath” Brand Manager Heineken, Mr Obabiyi Fagade says about continued partnership as headline sponsor of the fashion initiative.

I spoke to Azra Walji and Lulu Mutuli who emerged tops at the maiden
Heineken® Africa Inspired Fashion Challenge, a three day event built around creativity and innovation of East Africa’s finest fashion design talents.

Both designers said the challenge gave them a unique platform to learn and share their creativity and talent terming it as an amazing and priceless opportunity.

Kenyan Collective Azra Walji and Lulu Mutuli for LFDW 2017
Heineken East Africa GM Uche Unigwe with the winners of the Africa Fashion Inspired Challenge, Lulu Mutuli (left) and Azra Walji during their send-off party (Photo Courtesy of Moses Matiba)

They said “For us that speak through our creativity, being able to represent Africa’s voice for a global brand is a great honor in what we the participants hope will be the first of many honors and accolades that will emerge from this challenge.”

“A lot still needs to be done in the African fashion industry. Sectors like the importation of fabrics from other countries and the fashion business markets need to be streamlined but we’re in the right direction.”

The winners will depart in two weeks for
Amsterdam to actualize their patterns and line with Heineken® design team and
Amsterdam based design house LEW .
The journey will culminate with a chance to showcase their collection at Africa’s largest fashion event- the Lagos Fashion and Design Week in end of October where their unique creation will be revealed and show-cased.


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