How To Get Featured On The Safaricom #ThisIsMyKenya 2019 Calendar

How To Enter The Safaricom #ThisIsMyKenya 2019 Challenge

Safaricom is calling on painters, artists and 2D illustrators to submit their work where selected pieces will be featured in the 2019 calendar as they seek to use their different canvases to tell Kenya’s story

How To Get Featured On The Safaricom #ThisIsMyKenya 2019 CalendarThrough this calendar, we will have the chance to celebrate our country through the eyes of gifted Kenyan artists through wildlife, landscape, aspirations, beauty etc.

The #ThisIsMyKenya campaign showcases the country through the Safaricom calendar and the This Is My Kenya website. Every year, photographers and bloggers are tasked with going round the country and capturing Kenya in a raw and undiluted form & this year, artists are encouraged to submit their work and paint Kenya in a new light.

The Project presents artists with the opportunity to showcase their talent over a wide range of media including production of the Safaricom 2019 Calendar which is the major highlight in this Project. Artists will produce their beautiful version of Kenya on canvas. The selected artists shall be available to promote the Project and Safaricom shall use their names, reputation, visuals in the Project and the calendar production and
publication and will each be paid a fee of Kshs 200,000.00 inclusive of VAT and withholding taxes in respect of the artwork

The Project submission commences on Saturday, 22nd September 2018 and will run for a period of 30 days ending at 11.59 pm on Friday, 19th October 2018 (“Submission Period”). The selected artists will then proceed to the next stage of the Project which is to photograph the artwork submitted capture and produce unique sceneries in Kenya (both stages together are referred to as “the Project Period”

Entry Criteria

Participants MUST meet the following criteria as a pre-condition to submitting their painting in the Project:
a. Be Kenyan citizen aged eighteen (18) years and above;
b. Be holders of a valid passport or Kenyan national identification card;
c. Have a valid PIN certificate;
d. Must have painted the painting submitted in their individual capacity;
e. Avail the canvas on which the submitted painting is painted on from 29th October 2018 to 5th November 2018 for photography of the painting.

If you meet the Entry Criteria or know someone who can, visit to apply!



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