Experience Nostalgia From The 90s At The Heng This Weekend

Experience Nostalgia From The 90s At The Heng This Weekend

90s music was the truth. It would be ‘politically incorrect’ of me to compare music from different times but growing up to 90s music made my childhood worthwhile; and knowing how precious that music is, it would really be a disservice to me and other music lovers to miss out on the Heng going down this weekend.

The Heng is a musical concert that aims to bring back the nostalgia from the 90’s era. In its first year, The Heng is looking forward to becoming one of the city’s most anticipated end of year concert.


Experience Nostalgia From The 90s At The Heng This WeekendThe Heng is a throwback to the ’90s. The concert will showcase music from a time when Sheng was gaining popularity in Kenya; when only 2 television station existed; a period before smartphones and mobile internet; a time when you were young and free.

The performers will bring their feel and style to songs by award-winning artists such as Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Mary J Blige, Brandy, TLC, Envouge, Notorious B.I.G, Tevin Campbell, KC & Jojo and many more.

The 1st edition of The Heng is bound to be a night to remember as June Gachui, Creator puts it, “It’s been six years of producing events. The Heng is a concept as a response to the event goers. The attendees from a certain demographic kept on asking for a show of their own. I decided to get the best artists in Kenya to put on a show that will take the attendees back to the 90’s. We are making it as authentic as possible. The wardrobe, the styling, everything”

The Heng 2018 concert will see stars like Karun, Nikita Kering, Suzziah, Patricia Kihoro, Silayio, Noel Nderitu, Mbithi, Angie Gachui, David Hunter, Daniel Chikhwaza, Manasseh Shalom and Rigga just to name a few, share the same stage. Their captivating and powerful stage presence coupled with visual effects and an enticing set design presents an exciting experience that you shouldn’t miss!

Creator, June Gachui is one of Kenya’s most sought out entertainers. Her level of production excellence is both coveted and expected in all that she touches. The Heng 2018 is poised to blow the lid and continue to raise the bar to continually set a new standard of live performance and production in Kenya.


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