Eric Wainaina Set To Launch New Album; Dreams In Stereo

Eric Wainaina Set To Launch New Album; Dreams In Stereo

The genius that is Eric Wainaina is set to launch his new album ‘Dreams In Stereo’ on 27th of July from 7 p.m to 12 a.m Live at the Elephant, Kanjata Road.

Eric Wainaina Set To Launch New Album; Dreams In StereoEric Wainaina is one of the most sort out musicians in Kenya and carries the coveted Kora Award for Best East Africa Artist under his belt.

His notable releases include ‘Kenya Only’, a song that instantly made him Kenya’s favourite modern musician. After the 1998 terrorist bombing in Nairobi where over 200 Kenyans lost their lives, ‘Kenya Only’ was adopted as the unofficial song of mourning, receiving extensive radio and TV airplay nationwide. His adaptation of a Kikuyu folk tune ‘Ritwa Riaku’ was added to the playlist of every radio station in the nation soon after.

Eric Wainaina returned to the top of Kenya’s musical agenda after he released ‘Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo’ in 2001, a song that launched his crusade against rampant corruption in the country. With the chart success of ‘Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo’, Wainaina received international accolades.

This will be his fourth album as the previous albums ‘Sawa Sawa, Twende Twende and Love and Protest’ have put him in the map as Kenya’s leading male solo artist.

Eric Wainaina has had timeless hit songs like Inchi ya kitu kidogo, Ritwa Riaku, Twende Twende, Selina, Mariana and Dunia ina Mambo. He has also ventured in producing musicals of which have taken him to Broadway most notable being ‘Mo Faya’ and ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’.

On the 27th of July, he is set to take the stage on and share with the world his new music. The Legendary John Nzenze will join him on stage together with artists like the beautiful Sage, Kendi, Kagwe Mungai, Tetu Shani and fast rising Kikuyu folk musician Ayrosh.

You can grab your tickets on at Kshs 2000 advance tickets and Kshs 2500 at the gate.


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