Coca-Cola and Jason Derulo Team Up on Global Anthem ‘Colours’ As The World Anticipates The 2018 FIFA World Cup™

In 2010, Somali-born rapper K’Naan was taking a break from recording his debut album at Sony Studios in New York when the inspiration for the song “Wavin’ Flag” – which became the CoCa-Cola promotional anthem for the 2010 FIFA World Cup – came to him suddenly as he walked through the damp streets after a rain shower, making him dash back to the studio and abandon the track he had been working on. He termed it as one of the songs that overtakes and consumes you.

Twenty-four local versions of the song were created, with local artists singing in their respective languages. “Wavin’ Flag” topped iTunes charts in 17 countries and hit the top 20 in two dozen countries, selling more than 2.5 million downloads.

The official Fifa World Cup 2014 anthem “The World is Ours” was released by Coca-Cola with a clear South American feel to the tune influenced by three artists who hail from the continent. Brazilian percussion ensemble Monobloco worked with Brazilian-born producer Mario Caldato Jr. to record the song's rhythm tracks. Rock Mafia handled the lyrics and melody. The official version features Aloe Blacc, an American singer, and it reached the Top 10 charts in 40 countries and the Top 100 charts in 80 countries and boasts more than 32 versions.

FIFA World Cup championship theme songs are songs adopted officially to be used as warm-ups to the event, to accompany the championships during the event and as a souvenir reminder of the events as well as for advertising campaigns leading for the World Cup, giving the singers exceptional universal world coverage and notoriety.

This year, Coca-Cola announced that global music superstar Jason Derulo will be creating the sound track to its 2018 FIFA World Cup™ campaign. The Coca-Cola anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ – “Colours” is a true collaboration between Coca-Cola and Jason Derulo, and celebrates all of the vibrancy and excitement that comes with the arrival of the world’s biggest football tournament.

Not only that, but Coca-Cola has invited the top local artists from South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Uganda to create uniquely African versions of the anthem for each country to celebrate people’s passion for football through music.

Speaking on this, Ricardo Fort, VP of Global Sports Partnerships at The Coca-Cola Company said, “We know that the FIFA World Cup is a global cultural and social phenomenon. Every four years, people are drawn to this event from all over the world due to the excitement and platform it provides. We believe that music and football are intrinsically linked by the passions they evoke so we are excited to welcome Jason to the team and can’t wait to bring this upbeat anthem to the world ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™”.

“Colours” will become the sound track to fans’ excitement for the tournament, as it begins playing across the world in the build up to the kick off.

Jason Derulo added, “I was honored to work with Coca-Cola to create an anthem celebrating every team and their fans. ‘Colours’ represents the different flags and cultures from around the world, and will get everyone moving to a unifying beat. I’m excited to finally tell the world about this partnership as the excitement builds for the FIFA World Cup.”

The localized versions of “Colours” will be performed at The FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour, brought to you by Coca-Cola. These events will be taking place across the continent, starting in Ethiopia (24-25thFebruary), then Kenya (26 – 27th February), Mozambique (28th February), South Africa (1-3rd March) and Uganda (5-6th March).



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