Ciroc Partners With Cocktails And Conversations Platform To Promote Cocktail Culture In Kenya

Ciroc Partners With ‘Cocktails And Conversations’ Platform To Promote Cocktail Culture In Kenya

I’m an advert lover of cocktails, not just because of the taste or the resulting effect, but also because of the art that goes into preparing them. The perfect cocktail takes time and plenty of preparation, an art which you cannot afford to rush.

According to a report by the Euromonitor International, Kenya’s growing middle class and youthful population have fueled the growth of premium brands, higher-priced products and the cocktail culture. Volumes of alcoholic beverages have also witnessed growth in on-trade channels on the back of the growing economy and rising GDP, as well as an increasing number of on-trade outlets opening up across the country.

With this, Cîroc has partnered with event-based company ‘Cocktails and Conversations’ to promote the cocktail culture in Kenya; offering connoisseurs and luxury jetsetters the ultimate drinking experience coupled with great conversation, the finest cocktails and an effortless engagement at club 40 Forty.

Cocktails and Conversations was formed with the purpose of bringing people together to stimulate dialogue and shape our culture’s collective consciousness. Instead of the traditional Karaoke or Quiz Night, the platform offers an alternative form of entertainment for young and middle-class consumers who enjoy coming together over drinks to discuss topics that affect us in our day to day lives.

Ciroc Partners With Cocktails And Conversations Platform To Promote Cocktail Culture In Kenya

Speaking on this, Cîroc brand Ambassador Joy Kendi said, “We are excited to have a much closer engagement with cocktail lovers as we continue to expand in the Kenyan market. In addition to the wide variety of cocktails with the Cîroc variants, consumers will also be able to enjoy the one-of-a-kind limited editions at 40 Forty.”


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