Boiler Room X Ballantine’s #TrueMusic Comes To Kenya For The Third Stop of True Music Africa


With two incredible shows in Cape Town and Cameroon, the True Music Africa tour is coming to Nairobi, Kenya on the 10th of May before it’s finale in Johannesburg.

Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music today announce Nairobi, Kenya as the next stop for True Music Africa, a four-city tour that unearths pioneering talent and their stories of hustling through the underground music scene to do it for themselves.


Nairobi follows shows in Cape Town, South Africa late last year and Douala, Cameroon earlier this month where some of the freshest talent the continent has to offer, performed to an online global audience of more than 5 million.

As a result of the current digital boom in Kenya, Nairobi is witnessing a full bloom of creative awakening, with a rise and push in start-ups and entrepreneurship across fashion, art and music where this new technological generation is really making its mark.

As this scene develops, Kenya is venturing into untrodden realms of rap-fused electronica, R&B and club sounds which Boiler Room and Ballantine’s are hero-ing as part of True Music Africa. The show will celebrate some of Kenya’s finest artists from the Nu-Nairobi scene including:

  • Muthoni Drummer Queen
  • EA Wave
  • Suraj
  • Taio
  • Coco Em
EA Wave

Boiler Room and Ballantine’s are committed to supporting and celebrating uncompromising artists who do it ‘their way’. With their True Music platform, the partnership champions artists with a pioneering spirit and challenges them to continue pushing boundaries.

Africa, a vast and hugely diverse continent – culturally, politically and geographically – is known for its myriad musical styles. From gqom to Nairobi nu wave and eclectic afro-fusion, True Music Africa is telling the stories of the varied music scenes sweeping the continent and the key innovators in each space who share that ‘entrepreneurial mentality’ – all via compelling documentaries and live-streamed parties to bring Africa’s True Music scene to a global stage.


Following this third stop in Nairobi, True Music Africa will all culminate in June when Johannesburg plays host to the True Music Forum, a space for the international music community to learn, exchange and build new ideas through panel discussions and workshops.

Boiler Room’s Chief Business Development Officer, Steven Appleyard said of the project:“The Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music platform is all about celebrating the most vital local music scenes around the world, at the same time as showcasing them on a global stage. We’re super excited to be taking True Music to Kenya for the first time, to deep dive into one of the continent’s most vibrant scenes and collaborate with the local pioneers whose creative approach and DIY spirit is pushing the scene forward.”

Ballantine’s Head of Music, Tom Elton said of the project:“Kenya is at the forefront of digital technology in Africa and because of this, there’s a genuinely innovative and collaborative spirit emerging across the creative industries there. It’s such an exciting time for Kenya and we’re thrilled that our True Music Africa show in Nairobi will champion this movement, providing a platform to showcase Kenya’s most forward-thinking sounds to the world.”

Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music Africa in Kenya is happening on Thursday 10thMay. Tune in atwww.truemusic.boilerroom.tvto watch the broadcast live.


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