Apps You Can Order Drinks From In Nairobi

Apps You Can Order Drinks From In Nairobi

Do you know what’s more exciting than hearing a knock on your door and it’s the delivery guy with your bucket of fried chicken? Your delivery guy with your drinks order of either whisky, wine or a six pack of beer 😏

Well, with the latest boom in apps that basically do almost everything for you, alcohol delivery apps are what’s happening.

Apps You Can Order Drinks From In Nairobi
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The idea of going out at night to start looking for booze is a headache of its own. By the time you get a store (not bar), that’s open at that time of the night [which actually has your selection of favorites], the urge to drink almost leaves your body. This is where the beauty of alcohol delivery apps comes in.

Alcohol delivery isn’t a new concept. However, ordering through a phone app is new. Everything from tequila, whisky, beer and wine can be delivered to your doorstep or office or your house party at any day of the week.

Apps You Can Order Drinks From In Nairobi
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You can use any of these apps or websites when your party runs out of alcohol or when the weather outside just isn’t cooperating.

1. Jumia party.

You have probably heard of it already from the many influencers on your explore page. They deliver within one hour after your order thus saving time and money. Having tried them out, they have quite the unbeatable value and the best price guarantee.

2. Dial A Drink Kenya

They refer to themselves to Nairobi’s best drinks delivery.

They have no minimal order hence you can order even a ka-quarter and get free delivery and they also offer extra services like gift delivery (as long as its alcohol). Other locations and other circumstances may, however, necessitate that the client pays delivery charges.

3. MoBar.

I’m personally a big fan of MoBar because they always have my selection of wine. Considering my location, delivery takes about half and hour but they usually deliver within minutes, and their wide variety of drinks ranges from rum to martinis, chasers and even condoms!

Apps You Can Order Drinks From In Nairobi

4. Chupa Chap.

Chupa Chap really has a great selection of drinks with great prices, their only downside is they don’t deliver to all parts of Nairobi. You can check their list of delivery locations here.

5. Nairobi Drinks.

They deliver within 30 minutes, of course fast and offer discounted prices.

6. Oaks and Corks.

Such a fancy name right? They offer free delivery with every order above ksh.3000 and 6km from their shop in Kilimani but according to their website they only deliver between 10 am and 9:30 pm which is quite the bummer.

They also have a blog which has some great content on cocktail recipes and even how to enjoy your drinks more by having them the right way.

7. Jays wine Distributors.

One of the main reasons I love Jays is their selection of wines and the fact that they also sometimes give wholesale prices. Plus, they offer free delivery for orders above Kshs 3,000

With all these options plus more to choose from, all your dinner dates with the girls or girls nights out are sorted! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and order your tribe some!


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