An Evening Remembering Luther Vandross

An Evening Remembering Luther Vandross

This year, The Tribute Series continues its tradition of honouring those who have passed on as well as those who are still living, creating and colouring our lives.

The concert will showcase music by the late great Luther Vandross, through the decades, performed by carefully selected vocalists and instrumentalists, whose vocal prowess and stage presence will pay homage to Luther’s. Previously featured acts include Regina Re-Gitao, Atemi Oyungu, June Gachui, Silayio, Lisa Oduor Noah, Sage Chemutai, Kavutha Mwanzia-Asiyo, Mumala Maloba among others

An Evening Remembering Luther VandrossWe have revived The Tribute Series as a two part show case which will feature an edition honouring Living Legends and another honouring Fallen Legends. Last year, on 15th September 2018 at The Braeburn Theatre with hundreds of people dancing and singing along to music by the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin performed by a line-up of beautiful, talented, homegrown divas

This year’s edition of The Tribute Series- Fallen Legends gets even better as June Gachui, Creator puts it, “We decided to go in search of Kenya’s finest male crooners, who will lend their voices to serenade us as we take this trip down memory lane to the soundtrack Luther left us! I’m excited to showcase these talented artists and demonstrate the sheer amount of infinite talent our land has to offer! Everyone in this cast and in the band is nothing short of amazing…buy your ticket and come prove me wrong!!! At the very least, we could be playing a significant part in the lives of couples who may inadvertently start or add to their family in number that weekend!!! #NextLevel

This concert explores everything that was glorious about Luther’s 35-year career; from his vocals and distinct singing style to costumes to styling to the stories behind the music, the artists and all these influence the song selection, the artists who are featured and of course the band… the entire production will marvel and entertain.

Music Director, George Nyoro says about the show, “I don’t have a conscious memory of the first time I heard a Luther Vandross song, but it was in a matatu for sure! That song being Dance With My Father. It is still one of my favourites; there’s something warm about it, vulnerable, and it takes me back to conversations with my dad. Not that he’s gone, but he helps me appreciate what I have while I still have it. One of the things that astounded me about Luther was how versatile he was. His music resonated and still resonates with different generations. His music is timeless. This show will take the audience back to a time when the music was filled with soul and love. Expect a lot of cool music and a great experience. I’m excited to see how the vocalists own the songs and express them.”

An Evening Remembering Luther, our lineup of artists include; Noel Nderitu, Webi, Ayrosh, Dan Aceda, Isaac Kimani, Pete Odera and Ciano Maimba, Lisa Noah-Oduor, Kendi Nkonge, Manasseh Shalom and Janice Wanjiru.

The Remembering Luther Band is made up of notable musicians such as Richard Wandati on Drums, George Nyoro on Keys, Sedar Malaki on Bass, Newman Owuor on guitar.

Their captivating and powerful stage presence coupled with visual effects and an enticing set design presents an exciting experience that you shouldn’t miss!


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