Agency5ve PR Officially Starts Managing Gospel Artist Laura Karwirwa’s PR & Communication

Laura Karwirwa

In third quarter of last year, Nairobi’s only urban gospel event, Verse5ve, ushered in its record label; Agency5ve to the world. A record label that purposed to deal with artists’ brand management with the hope of helping every artist signed under them, reach greater heights in their music career and leave a mark in the hearts of their audience. It has so far gone to display an array of achievements for Hip Hop Superstar Muhanjii.

Onto what is considered as a move strategically towards mainstream market domination, Agency5ve officially announced a new artist on their roaster – Laura Karwirwa, as her brands’ new PR and Communications Management.

Laura Karwirwa and Alice Kimanzi on their new project ‘Ujulikane’

This is a partnership that is undeniably expected to create a very competitive and air tight brand that will meet the needs of her audience and partners. The A – List team already has its hands full with the new UJULIKANE project which features Alice Kimanzi.

Laura Karwirwa is a songwriter, praise and worship leader, You tuber, writer, performing and recording artist popular for singles such as “Mtetezi” and has a 10 track album “Natamani Kukuona” under her creative belt.

Johnson Juma – Agency5ve Co-Founder said: “It’s always great working with multi-talented artists, and Laura is that and even more, she has the zeal, the persona and all the attributes you would want to see in an artist, our joint goal is to see her brand grow even further and be in a position where she’s not just recognised as a great christian artist, but as a great artist, period. What more can I say, Agency5ve is building up it’s roster and we are glad to have Laura as the first lady to partner with us.

Laura Karwirwa reiterated; “I love it! It’s exciting and very promising for my brand. I appreciate the ease of working with this team, the top notch level of communication and speed of action is very timely. We can only rise from here”

Albert Zakayo – Agency5ve Co-Founder also said: “As far as PR and publicity is concerned, this has come at the right time as we are about to scale up our portfolio.”

Laura Karwirwa’s new project featuring Alice Kimanzi

Launching Ujulikane

From hit songs such as “Mtetezi” that was dropped late last year, and an album that has done so well in showcasing the angelic voice and singing prowess of one Laura Karwirwa, comes another video that establishes her as a force to reckon with. “Ujulikane” is a collaboration between two very talented artists, Laura and Alice Kimanzi, that not only speak of their deep devotion to God, but a beautiful mastering of two voices blended into one amazing product.

Karwirwa Laura commented; Our friendship with Alice Kimanzi began some time last year (2017) and from the get-go, our hearts united in the fact that there was something bigger to our sisterhood that we began to share, pray, believe together on life. Months later, “Ujulikane” started to piece together with a snippet of a concept from Pitson which Alice Kimanzi and I gradually build on in writing, audio production with the help Gideon Kimanzi and later Richie G on the video. It has been one off the most seamless projects I’ve ever had and I’m so glad we got to do this”

You can watch here new single ‘Ujulikane’ from this link:


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