5 Easy Ways To Wake Up Your Brain

5 Easy Ways To Wake Up Your Brain

In my latest podcast episode, yes I have a podcast ( anchor.fm/mukami-speaks ), I realized that sometimes we encounter mornings where our brains just don’t want to wake up. And this can happen in the worst of days; those where you really need to be on your toes. 🤦🏾‍♀️

So aside from making sure that you’re hydrated, eating a balanced diet for the vitamins and minerals that the brain needs to function, physical exercise to release serotonin (the feel-good hormone), and getting enough sleep so that our brains are rested, what else can you do when you need to ‘wake your brain’?

  1. Listening to music

Fast-paced music will have you up and moving real quick! It can either be upbeat music from YouTube playlists or workout music that will almost have your body moving. It almost feels like taking a cold shower.

5 Easy Ways To Wake Up Your Brain
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Studies also show that classical music can have a significant effect on our brain function, mental state and mood

2. Having a cup of freshly brewed coffee

Waking up to the smell of coffee is easy to accomplish if you enjoy drinking coffee. There is even some research that suggests just from the aroma of coffee, brain activity will increase along with your physical energy level, so if you’re feeling blue, go black & boost the electrical activity in your brain in the morning.

3. Journal-ling

Putting your thoughts, feelings and musings on paper (yes, on paper) works wonders especially if you’re feeling clogged up mentally.

It also helps in organizing your schedule for the day – start with bigger, heavier tasks as you go down to those that don’t need that much attention.

4. Do a crossword puzzle

Mental exercises are great for helping your brain wake itself up.  there are a lot of crossword puzzles, Sudokus and even games that can get you out of your funk. Even that Solitaire you find useless can be of real help in the long run.

5. Taking a walk

Even if this means walking across the office to a different department or taking the stairs instead of the lift when going from floor to floor, take at least 5 minutes to walk around and decompose.


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