Huawei Announces Q3 2020 Business Results

Huawei Announces Q3 2020 Business Results

Huawei last week announced its business results
for the first three quarters of 2020. During this period, Huawei generated CNY671.3 billion (USD 98.6) in revenue, an increase of 9.9% over the same period last year. The
company’s net profit margin in this period was 8.0%. Throughout the first three
quarters of 2020, Huawei’s business results basically met expectations.

As the world grapples with COVID-19, Huawei’s global supply chain is being put
under intense pressure and its production and operations face significant challenges.
The company continues to do its best to find solutions, survive and forge forward,
and fulfill its obligations to customers and suppliers.

Huawei Announces Q3 2020 Business ResultsMoving forward, Huawei will leverage its strengths in ICT technologies such as AI,
cloud, 5G, and computing to provide scenario-based solutions, develop industry
applications, and unleash the value of 5G networks along with its partners. Its stated
goal is to help enterprises grow their business and help governments boost domestic
industry, benefit constituents, and improve overall governance.

ICT has become a cornerstone of modern society and the main driver behind
sustainable social, economic, and environmental development. Huawei believes that
rapid and healthy development within the ICT industry will rely on open collaboration
and mutual trust across the global industry, so it will continue working closely with
its global partners and using its innovative ICT technologies to create greater value
for customers despite the complex situation it is currently facing. The company will
continue contributing to pandemic responses, economic growth, and social progress.



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